About Us :

Fresh Look Mobile Power Wash is a leading pressure-washing service provider which not only provides top quality cleaning services, guaranteed to its customers’ satisfaction, but also aggressively ensures it’s cleaning methods meet or exceed all environmental compliance requirements imposed by Federal, state, and local laws related to “water run-off.” And in this regard, as environmental compliance requirements increase in limiting polluted “water run-off” (from rain or otherwise) from business propertiesg,Fresh Look mobile truck washing can help its customers avoid legal liabilities by keeping their premises clean and free from becoming a source of polluted water running into “storm drains.” Fresh Look Mobile Power Wash, is a sacramento County based pressure washing company.

Our range is from Sacramento, from Las Vegas to Yuma. We are 100% licenced and insured . Our corporate officers have three bachelors degrees . Our management staff includes a sales manager, operations manager, and maintenance and field service manager We have been in business for four years and have more than doubled our business plans’ revenue and profitability goals each year.