Truck Wash Fleet Washing:

We specializes in Mobile Truck/Fleet Washing. We maintain and service some of the biggest names in the Transport Industry, with dedicated staff trained in this field. We can wash over 70 truck combinations per day, from prime movers to B Double combinations.
We specialize in fleet washing so we can be cost effective and maintain our customers Image and appearance on the road. It is very important to give the very best service possible to our customers.
We has extensive experience in the market place with a great reputation and have the most experienced staff in the Industry. We are innovators and leaders in the mobile fleet truck washing service. As the market leaders in our industry we are renowned for our quality finish and workmanship at a cost effective price.
We take pride in our professional customer services as we are the best in the business. We use High Tech, Superior cleaning products that are Environmentally Friendly, Non Toxic & Bio-Degradable. Our detergents are the best in the market place and out perform any other vehicle washing product.
We are time, labour and water efficient. We use state of the art – mobile cleaning equipment that ensures you will receive the best result possible.
With over 20 years experience in the transport industry and specialised industrial cleaning products and equipment targeting the truck washing industry, we are experts and pioneers when it comes to cleaning commercial vehicles.
We come to you with our mobile unit carrying our own water, unique mobile brush unit and expert cleaning team. We have applied extensive research and development into our detergents and washing processes that gives you an outstanding result every time.

fleet truck washing and industrial cleaning services to large and small fleet owners. With QMI servicing your fleet, all service appointments and customer satisfaction are GUARANTEED, which means your fleet will be serviced when you schedule it to be serviced, and you will NEVER be charged for work that does not meet your standards.
With our mobile washing services available for quick response we evaluate each truck fleet or business fleet to meet Customer Standards and Requirements and budgeting issues. We use water pressure washers, hi pressure washer systems as part of our commercial pressure washer systems to include various state of the art methods of truck washing and fleet services honed and proven with over 23 years of experience. As part of our mobile truck washing and fleet washing service we provide trailer washing service sometimes known as 18 wheeler wash. Pressure washing trailers can involve aluminum brightening, wheel wash, aluminum polishing and rehabilitation of the trailers as part of your fleet wash maintenance program. When we send a crew out and instruct them to power wash trailer that could also include washing and detailing along with aluminum brightening and scheduled aluminum wheel polishing. Graffiti removal is available as well for both trucks and trailers and all other vehicles.
Experienced with high end Show or TV auto detailing or truck detail services in general we provide truck and auto detail for dealers or fleet cars as part of our auto detailing services, truck auctions, that include truck cleaning, truck vacuum, truck detailing that may involve engine degreasing and engine detailing as well. We also provide boat detailing services to include a commercial fleet or dealerships. We wash mobile or you can come to us.
We are experienced in providing mobile washing for Public buses, School buses along with buses in general (airport super buses as well). For both Public and Private Commercial fleets we provide excellent Trash Truck washing services of all types. As an intricate part of each on-site fleet wash we use a highly refined water recovery system that is Governmentally approved, Environmentally safe and Ecologically safe as well, which include non-toxic environmentally safe products that also provide at the same time Industrial strength cleaning power. We ensure that an Environmental waste water disposal procedure is in place and can assist with permitting issues with Municipalities if needed. Our environmental mobile power wash service can assist with problem areas around the trucks and we have in place Water Recovery systems that include hauling water away for again safe and governmentally approved Environmental waste water disposal. We have experience consulting with any commercial fleet utilizing or planning to use a wash bay, car wash bay for commercial fleets or tunnel car wash for trucks. Many fleet services or companies that have a fleet of trucks that have spent millions on a wash by have been bitterly disappointed with the results and the additional costs to facilitate it beyond anticipation. In some cases we can assist to optimize the existing one and augment problem areas not covered in that system to save cost. We are sensitive to budgetary constraints and issues and work with you to develop options to both meet those constraints and obtain the highest quality truck wash to enhance your fleet service. Our standard wheel wash service can scale up to aluminum and chrome polishing performed by our specially trained crews to include fuel tanks and any large or small parts or sections of any truck.

When washing tucks at your location, respect to the environment and consideration to your property and neighbors are always observed. Certified fleet cleaning staff members ensure a gleaming polished result. Our trucks are equipped with water recovery capabilities so that your property is left even cleaner than before. Most importantly, all these professionals truck washing services are performed without interrupting the flow of your daily business.

Options to this point have been to continue washing on the ground in hopes of no repercussions, construct and purchase equipment necessary for an on-site wash bay, hire outside vendors with he proper environmental resources or just stop washing altogether. Risking the first option will most likely catch up eventually and could prove to be costly.  Most, if not all, banks now require environmental testing before lending monies on properties purchased or sold, and if tested positive for contamination, loans are usually unattainable on that property and the results can be presented to authorities, which may lead to costly clean ups.  Constructing your own wash bay is usually cost prohibitive unless you operate a very large fleet. Outside vendors with the proper enviro equipment is a viable option, but you may still be considered the generator of the waste water.  Therefore, it is your responsibility to insure that their equipment is functioning properly (ask for an analysis of your influent and effluent) and that containment is set up and maintained properly so that runoff is not occurring on your property.